General Background

KAIA UNI Verse Soul طسٓمٓ

International Reiki Master Teacher of 24yrs, Personal Evolution Facilitator, Author,  Energy Synthesizer, Spiritual Healer,  Energy Field Balance and Detoxification, Emotional Healing/Detoxification Therapy, Living Light Energy Teachings, Programmed NRG Healing Treatments, Universal Heart-Mind-Soul Teacher,  Axiatonal Evolution Activations, Orisa Integration Alignment Activations.


(404) 453-8754


at KAIA UNI Verse Soul Ltd
6090 McDonough Drive, Norcross, Ga. 30093

2011 > Extensive Training/Empowerments/Initiation in Various Energy Systems

  • Radio Broadcast Host

  • Emotional Healing/Detoxification Therapy

  • Living Light Energy Teachings

  • Acension Activation Meditations

  • Programmed Sound/Light Healing Treatments

  • Group Healing / Implants and Negativity Removals

  • Axiatonal Evolution Activation Treatments

2011 - Spiritual Healing House Minas Gerais Brasil

  • Teaching Reiki Master Program

  • Energy and Spiritual Healing

  • Ninjutsu Training

2007 - 2009 Study Abroad: Chinese Language, Culture, Medicine; Martial Arts - Beijing China

  • Teaching Reiki Master Program, Cultural Teaching Exchange American English

  • Sotai Collaborative healing and research program

  • 180 hours Wudang Daoist Traditional Gong Fu Academy, Hubei Province China

  • Taiyi Wuxing Quan , Tai He Quan , Wudang Wuxing Qigong , Wudang Ba Duan Gin Qigong

  • Radio Audio/Visual Broadcast on Sotai (passive joint manipulation)

1998 - 2007 Rising Spirit School of Natural Healing (Gwinett College) Atlanta Ga., U.S. - Teacher

  • (Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Introduction to Oriental Medicine, Case Management and Musculo- Skeleto Anatomy)


New Life School of Massage

Diploma: Neuromuscular Therapy, Teacher Training in Neuromuscular Therapy 

2006 - 2007 Edgewood College Teacher

Taiji, Wuxing Qigong, 5 Element Qigong


1998 - 2008 Full Initiation and 10 years practicing Ifa Priest

  • Chief Agbonbon - Ifa Kayode Faniyi (Ifa-Orisa)

  • Chief / Oba Gbawoniyi Agba Aiye - Ade Bolu Farunmise (deceased)

  • (Odu - Osu Awo - Opele-16 Olodu Ifa - Obeke - Ase Obatala)

  • *Chief Ifasola Onifade (Ase Orunmila - Ase medicinals )

  • Established the Okanran Alase Spiritual Center

  • Author : Olodu Ifa, Alchemy of Ifa


1996 - 97 New England Instritute of Ayurvedic Medicine

Diploma: Diplomat of Ayurveda, Health Councilor

1997 Total Body Modification (Leon Lashner, D.C.) 


1997 - 2006 Spa Sydell - Lead Massage Therapist

(Shiatsu, Integrated Massage, Neuromuscular Massage, Aromatherapy,

Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Body Realignment)


1994 - 1997 Boston Shiatsu School (Kikuko Myazaki Zutrau) - Teacher

Diploma: Certified Practitioner of Shiatsu / Sotai

  • Zen Shiatsu Teacher of Level II and Level III courses, including acupressure points and locations; general introduction to Yin Yang Theory and 5 Elements. Supervisor of student clinic and practice sessions; Coordinator of school sponsored Expo’s; Quarterly workshops and 10 Week courses on chakra based healing system; part time Integrated Release, Shiatsu and Sotai practice.

  • Founder of Charkra Release Mental/Emotional Healing System

  • Author Books:  Practical Chakra Release, Masters Edition

1994 - 95 Reiki Master Teacher Level, RMT

  • Jean Lawrence Usui Shiki Ryoko System (Traditional) - Certification

  • Zoe Yonaitis Phd. Johrei System (Traditional) - Certification

  • Author: Reiki Masters Training Manual

1991 - 94 Chinese Martial Arts Academy - Grandmaster Kwong Tit Fut

  • Wu Style Taiji Quan, Qigong/Healing, Ba Duan Gin, Ostrich Qigong


1989 - 90 Nutritionist Institute of America

Diploma: Professional Nutritional Consultant

1988 Iridology and North American Herbology - Dr. Paul Goss


 Religious Background: Born Christian Baptist, 21 years Islam, 11 active years Ifa-Orisa Tradition, 7 years Mahayana-Tibetan/Tantric Buddhism,

                                             minor influences in judaism-hinduism-native american spirituality