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Keisha Miller  01.02.2020  After receiving a Life Force Restoration Treatment

I wanted express my gratitude for your healing services. Thank you so much for your sacrifice and good intentions towards healing myself and others. I have been more focused, motivated and aware since our session. The magnitude of the energy flowing through me has enabled me to transfer light and positivity to others. I am more aware and extremely grateful. 🙌🏿 

I did an Ori appeasement for Esurinde the next day and played the 396 hz for root chakra in background while we completed Ori appeasement. Let’s just say when I saw her the following day she was dancing and rejoicing for Esu and shared that she had such a burst of energy that she was able to accomplish so much creative work with a clear head. I am testifying because I think it’s important to share the power of the connection to light. Have a great day...

Luladae Terefe 02.21.2020  After receiving a Tree of Life Reiki Treatment

KAIA, I hope you are having a great day. I just wanted to say I feel so much lighter today and my perspective is shifting. I can feel it. Thank you so much.....🙌🏿 

Marsha Thomas, BA.       Management and Program Analyst.     02.25.2020

I am extremely grateful that I chose to gift myself this retreat as my Heart Day gift, or as many would say, Valentine Day gift. I was in a space where I needed to be reminded of the importance of “Believe and Miracle”. Those two words echoed throughout my spirit during the entire retreat, which allowed the topics that were discussed to become even more potent and powerful. I really appreciate the fact that with this retreat, I was renewed though the cleansing, repairing and sealing that took place at the beginning of the retreat. This was a great reminder of the importance of embracing your journey, and being in the “Now”.


On the other hand…..I think it would have been great to close out with an energy meditation… could have been a soft heart space one.

Cazembe Abena    02.24.2020           The UNI Verse Soul Self Love Retreat Is A Must Attend

I have been studying with Baba KAIA (Kiel Aman) since 2010 and have taken many of his courses. I have found the integrity of his teachings to be high and filled with inclusion, expansion, and sovereignty. His latest overnight Self-Love Spiritual Retreat was no exception, and was yet another evolution of his teachings. 


What helped make the retreat so powerful was its reliance on the multi-faceted approach to healing, which involved cognitive exercises, emotional catharsis, yoga, meditation, mantras, and energy work. This potent approach allowed me as an attendee to see my own life - set backs, triumphs and all - from various perspectives without judgement. 


Baba KAIA emphasized the importance of taking ownership for your life throughout the retreat - not to place blame, but to empower you to rise above whatever circumstances you find yourself in. We answered many questions and at times followed the Socratic method where our own answers to the questions posed gave insight as to how we arrived at a certain place in our lives, or identified patterns of behavior and circumstances. We found our own answers. 


We wrote a significant amount of our thoughts down as we answered questions posed to us, and this was absolutely necessary. This process drew me in to my world by settling me into my thoughts with focused self-evaluation. We were encouraged to release any emotions that surfaced from the writing, and it felt safe to do so. The method for evaluating our Shadow Self was particularly intriguing and excavating. The push to accept this part of ourselves in order to truly love ourselves whole was profound.  The encircled group meditations let me know that I was not alone.     


By the end of the retreat I was emotionally fatigued, but lighter. The mantras, meditation, yoga, and writing was work that needed to happen in order to unearth stagnant energy and belief systems. The result was a greater sense of self-acceptance, love, and understanding. 


If you are looking to learn how to love and accept yourself more, I strongly recommend this retreat. You will not leave the same person that you were when you came. Thank you again for creating a transformative experience, Baba. 


Michael Cohen     02.25.2020      Transcending Religion - Becoming Authentically Human


Community - commune in unity Is a law on how you commune with GOD more important than communing with GOD?

Do you know that you are an unique expression of GOD'S presence on earth? You are a present with special gifts.

Is the prophet or the message more important? When you get the message, do you apply and understand it?


You and I verse

One transfer of life from one ALL Supreme Creator who made us creators in His likeness in His time. Will we ever rise above religious separation and do what JESUS said was the greatest task: love GOD 1st and your neighbor as yourself?


Thank you brother KAIA for reminding people to be human.

Sheryl Dowdell     03.25.2020      Corona Virus Meditation


That activation was great 👍🏾 I felt energy moving in my throat chakra to the point of making me cough a bit.


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