KAIA UNI Verse Soul  طسٓمٓ

a Spiritual Technology Company

of Living Light Energies

for Human Evolution

KAIA UNI Verse Soul Ltd Meditation and Learning Center

We create for you in your home Sacred Living Light Healing, Prayer and Energy Spaces for at $250 per room.....

Open for Business!

KAIA - KAIA UNI Verse Soul Ltd
6090 Dawson Boulevard, Suite I

Norcross, GA. 30093

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday           

2:30 pm to 8:30 pm


Friday - Sunday              

(Reserved for Seminars)

Class Times                           

pm to 8:30 pm

Energy Therapy  Mon. - Thu.

1 pm to 5:30 pm

Standard Classes

Monday Night Meditations

Participate in various energy infused meditations geared to raise your vibrations, elevate 

your consciousness, aid you in your spiritual evolution - this class is free to all, love offerings/donations encouraged at PayPal.me/iamkaia

Online/In Person 7 pm to 8:30 pm

Zoom Access as follows:



Reiki Master of Spiritual Sciences Class

This Reiki Masters Training Class is specifically dedicated to the next generation of those who are actively unfolding their personal spiritual evolution. It will aid you in your life’s travels and propel you further into the depths of your divine and holy self in serving the beings of this planet. This Reiki Masters Training Class is filled with technical insight for the use of Reiki Energy; Breathing Exercises for spiritual awakening; background and history of all the symbols and usage; Reiki Masters Meditation, Water Ritual, Attunement training, and so much more...

pm to 8:30 pm

Wednesday - On Hold Til Further Notice!

Life Force Restoration Exercise Therapy Class

(Musculo-Skeletal Corrective Exercises, Self Acupressure, Qigong, Nutritional Therapy, Whole Health Guidance, Opening of the Body Channels) pm to 8:30 pm



7 African Powers Activations Training Class

(Training and development of spiritual asę to the Orisa and their practical uses, 3 month rotational cycles - Sango, Ajé Olokun, Osun, Ogun, Esu Ose 'Tura, Oya, Obatala, Osumare, Osanyin


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Class & NRG-Work Fees

$66.00 Monthly or

$20.00 per class session​

$33.00 Per 1hr Private Class Session

Starting November 7th, 2020

Quantum Energy Therapies

Life Frequency Resonance...


Ailments Frequency Resonator

(Energy correction of specified aliments)

Chakra Balancing

(Energy Balancing of all the chakras including the Soul Star and Earth Star)



Solfeggio Frequency Complete Resonance Session

Solfeggio Frequency Clearing, Healing, Sealing

$85.00     per session

Chakra Energy Frequency Release Sessions

- Ascension and Grounding Session

- Balancing the Will Session
- Balancing the Desire Session

- Balancing the Self Esteem Session

- Balancing the Souls Aspiration Session

- Balancing the Truthful Communication Session
- Balancing the Intuition Session

- Balancing the Intellect Session