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What is Living Light Energy?

Just like the sun is light,

Just like the stars emit light,

Just like even the moon reflects light,

Just as all living things feed off of and thrive in the light,


We Hu (God) Man (form) Beings as well are all light bearing individuals reflecting the presence of God the Source. 


Everything on the planet is of this light.

Everything in the Universe is of this light.

God, is the Ultimate Source and the Creator of thisLight!

So the work that we accomplish here with you at

K.A.I.A. UNI Verse Soul,

Is in magnetizing, intensifying and balancing the light within.


We assist you to align with the light within and this light that you have within is union with God. So it’s like a connection rod. Its a light connection rod with God,

the Creator of the Universe and beyond..


When you magnetize the Light (Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding) within,  you naturally increase your consciousness and light holding capacity. 


You have cleaner thoughts.

You become healthier.

You are attracted to things that are more in alignment with your frequency and vibration.

Through the activities we teach and produce all are based on integrating with the light of God. 


Thats what Living Light Energy does for you. 

Integrates you with the light of God. 

And thats what Living Light Energy is, 

God Source Integration...

Thank you.

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